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Monday, July 16 2012

libdivecomputer & subsurface


A small gift to our friend divers running Fedora

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Wednesday, November 23 2011

R update to 2.14.0


R 2.14.0 is out and gave quite a bit of work.

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Saturday, November 12 2011

New R2spec \ó/


Re-write of R2spec in the version 4.0.0

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Thursday, November 10 2011

Retrieve specific source from github


URL to tarball for github projects

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Friday, August 5 2011

PackageDB-cli 1.1.0


Version 1.1.0 du client text pour pkgdb.

Release 1.1.0 of the command-line interface for pkgdb.

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Wednesday, June 29 2011

PackageDB-cli 1.0.0


Version 1.0.0 du client text pour pkgdb.

Release 1.0.0 of the command-line interface for pkgdb.

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Friday, December 10 2010

Dependency graph


A small script to generate the dependency graph from spec file

Un petit script pour générer le graph des dépendances à partir de fichier spec

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Wednesday, May 5 2010

R2spec/R2rpm 3.0.0


New release of R2spec

Nouvelle version de R2spec

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Thursday, March 25 2010

R2rpm on cran

Building cran RPM via R2rpm

Construire des RPMs du cran avec R2rpm

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Wednesday, March 24 2010

R2spec / R2rpm


New version of R2spec in the pipes

Une nouvelle version de R2spec dans les tuyaux

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Thursday, February 4 2010

Guake 0.4.1 - 2

English version

Quickly, I have rebuilt Guake 0.4.1 to include the french translation.

The builds can be found:

French version

J'ai inclus la traduction français de Guake dans une mise à jour du RPM.

La mise à jour est en attente de testing :

Tuesday, February 2 2010

Guake 0.4.1

Guake 0.4.1 is released !

La version 0.4.1 de Guake est sortie !

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Tuesday, August 11 2009



A small script to automate the build in different branch

Un petit script pour faire le build de rpm dans différentes branches.

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Tuesday, April 7 2009

Guake 0.4.0 is released

English version

The latest version of guake (0.4.0) released yesterday has been built and is pending for the testing repository. For reference, Guake is a top-down terminal in the same style than Tilda, Yakuake or the consol in the game quake. It is made for Gnome

The amount of feature and bug correction is quite nice for this release (see the list at the bottom).

I would like to thanks Lincoln and Aleksandar (aka SnapShot) for the great work they have been doing ! :-)

The new release is called: "Frequency response" (the naming process is quite simple in fact... go to wikipedia and click to see a random page :-D ).

I hope you will enjoy this new version

If you test it, don't forget to comment on bodhi ;-)

French version

La nouvelle version de Guake (0.4.0) est compilé et en attente d'atteindre le dépôt updates-testing. Pour rappel Guake est un terminal de type top-down qui s'affiche en haut de l'écran à la façons de Tilda, de Yakuake ou de la console de quake (le jeu ;-)), il est prévut pour Gnome.

La liste de nouveautées pour cette nouvelle version est plutôt sympatique et je dois avouer que Guake 0.4.0 a vraiment bien évolué depuis sa dernière version (voir la liste ci-dessous).

Pour tout le travail accomplis je souhaite remercier Lincoln et Aleksandar (aka SnapShot) qui ont vraiment fais un boulot magnifique ! :-)

Au fait, cette nouvelle version est appelée "Frequency response" (le choix du nom fut assez facile: aller sur wikipedia et prendre le nom d'une page aléatoire :-D)

J'espère que vous aimerai cette nouvelle version.

Pour les testeurs n'oubliez pas de mettre un mot sur bodhi ;-)

* Real transparency
* Font Bold are fixed
* New behavior with url (can copy without select)
* German translation
* Capacity to directly go to the preference windows (in both command line and through the menu)
* Correct the acquisition of the shortcut
* Resize the length of the window on the fly
* Start pop-up can be desactivated
* Trail icon is optionnal
* Tab ordering is fixed (or should be) New release from the git repo:
* Size of the bottom bar is smaller
* Enhance support for dual screen
* Improve support of the different shell

Tuesday, February 10 2009

Guake Git version

New release of Guake from the git repo

Nouvelle version de Guake issue du repo Git

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Thursday, July 31 2008



Small typo correction

Quelques corrections et mise en forme

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Wednesday, July 30 2008

R2spec -- tester wanted


New design and new release of the R2spec project

Nouveau design et donc nouvelle version de mon projet R2spec

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Friday, January 11 2008

JabRef 2.3.1


JabRef 2.3.1 is released and packaged... late...

JabRef 2.3.1 est sortie et disponible... en retard...

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Sunday, January 6 2008

Rkward 0.4.9 pre-release


rkward do a pre-release of 0.4.9

Une version de test de la version 0.4.9 de rkward

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Tuesday, November 6 2007

Metamorphose 1.1.0


Metamorphose 1.1.0 is out !

Metamorphose 1.1.0 est sorti !!

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