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This time it is there, the new release of R2spec is on its way and I have to say it brings a huge bunch of new features!

R2spec now comes with a new flavour, R2rpm which allows you to generate directly rpm from the R libraries.

Since I already announced it I won't spend to much time on it.

Check the changelog at the bottom for all the info !

I would like to thanks José Matos and Allen S. Rout for their help to build and improve this release.

French version

Et voila, une nouvelle version de R2spec est dans les tuyaux et je dois dire qu'elle amène tout un tas de nouveautés.

R2spec vous apporte maintenant un nouvel outil, R2rpm qui comme son nom l'indique permet de construire directement un rpm pour une bibliothèque R.

Bon comme je l'ai déjà annoncé je ne vais pas trop m'attarder là-dessus.

Regardez donc le changelog ci-dessous pour toutes les infos !

Je voudrais aussi remercier José Matos et Allen S. Rout pour leur aide dans la construction et l'amélioration de cette release.

Version 3.0.0 -- 05th May 2019
- Features added
  * R2spec can now be called from an external script
  * Use template via jinja2 to generate the spec files (Based on an idea of Allen S. Rout)
  * Create the R2rpm script which directly builds the rpm
  * Add a man page for R2rpm
  * Add the -p option which enable to build a spec from a package name
  * Parse the PACKAGES file from the repositories to find the information for the packages
  * Make the print of the TODO optional in the API
  * Give the opportunity to use mock to build the RPMs (rpmbuild being the default)
  * Enable to specify the mock command in the conf file
  * Enable to change the argument given to rpmbuild via the conf file 
      (to build srpm instead of rpm for example)
- Bugs correction
  * Fix the addition of the R- prefix to the dependencies
  * Rewrite the reading of the DESCRIPTION file from R
  * Do not enforce the spec and the source directory, reads the rpmmacros instead
     Thanks to José Matos for this function
  * Fix the summary if it ends with a dot "."
  * Capitalize the summary by default
  * Change UTF-8 to utf-8 to make emacs happy
  * Fix the spec file for the dependencies of this new release
  * Fix some bugs while trying to generate the RPM/SPEC from a tarball