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Sunday, February 17 2013

New board for Borsalinux-fr

Borsalinux-fr (the french NPO dedicated to promote Fedora in the french speaking countries) held its annual general assembly this afternoon.

During this assembly we reviewed the activity of the NPO last year as well as the state of its account.

All in all, 2012 was a reasonnbly good year, the usual activities were held all went fine and there was the success of the FUDCon in Paris as a highlight. From a financial point of view, things are pretty stable, the budget looses a bit a money overall in 2012 but that's due to some reimbursement that happened in 2013 (and thus out of the overview).

Finally, there was the election of the new board, elected for two years. The board for 2013, 2014 is therefore:

  • Emmanuel Seyman (eseyman) - President
  • Pierre-Yves Chibon (pingou) - Vice-Président
  • Nicolas Chauvet (kwizart) - Treasurer
  • Pablo Martin-Gomez (bouska) - Vice-treasurer
  • Charles-Antoine Couret (renault) - Secretary
  • Kévin Raymond (shaiton) - Vice-secretary
  • Guillaume Kulakowski (llaumgui)

I think this is a nice board for the coming two years and I already look forward to work with all you guys.

Saturday, November 5 2011

Some stats on the Fedora-fr forum


There are some statistics on the forums from Fedora-fr.org

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Stats pour le Forum Fedora-fr


Quelques statistiques pour le forum de Fedora-fr.org

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Sunday, March 6 2011

Fedora | Toulouse ?

French version (no english, sorry)

Bonsoir à tous,

Récemment, j'ai constaté que l'on a quelques toulousain sur le forum et je me suis dit "Tiens se serai sympa de se retrouver" (oui je suis comme ça moi...).

Et bien je profite de mon passage à Toulouse le week-end prochain pour lancer le mouvement :-)

Donc, Amies Toulousaines, Amis Toulousains :

  • Rendez-vous Samedi 12 mars (et non 19, je serais pas là)
  • Au Café de Toulouse
  • À 17h30

Hésitez pas à annoncer votre venue ici ;-)

Saturday, February 19 2011

French speaking Fedora NPO

English version (French version)

Today at 2pm the general assembly of the French speaking Fedora community NPO took place. After presenting the results and the statement of accounts for 2010 of the NPO for 2010 (soon to be available in English), the new board of the NPO was elected.

It is therefore a great pleasure for me to present you the third board of our NPO:

I am really pleased to see that so many people are interested by this NPO and I am already sure that the coming two years will be a great experience for all of us.

Asso Fedora-fr v3

French version (English)

Aujourd'hui à 14h a eu lieu l'assemblée générale de l'association Fedora-fr. Après la présentation des bilans moral et financier, le conseil d'administration de l'association a été élu.

C'est donc avec plaisir que je vous présente le troisième conseil d'administration de l'association Fedora-fr :

Je suis ravi que nous soyons si nombreux à être intéressés par cette association et je suis sûr que ces deux années à venir vont être riches pour nous tous !

Thursday, July 1 2010

Muffin 2 - The French speaking Fedora user Magazine

The new Muffin (French Fedora user magazine) is out !

Nouvelle version de Muffin

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Thursday, February 4 2010

Guake 0.4.1 - 2

English version

Quickly, I have rebuilt Guake 0.4.1 to include the french translation.

The builds can be found:

French version

J'ai inclus la traduction français de Guake dans une mise à jour du RPM.

La mise à jour est en attente de testing :