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I maintain some R packages which have a quite nice dependency graph. Every time I fight to find back the order in which I should build them. So yesterday I started a small script which would give me the dependencies in a graph so that I could see the information I am looking for.

I came up with a small python script relying on pydot.

The last version is available there: http://project.pingoured.fr/misc/file/12447ca38f25/generateDependencyList.py

You run it as:

$ python generateDependencyList.py -f ~/GIT/
dependencygraph.svg has been generated

The output can look like this dependencygraph.png or dependencygraph-2.png (These pictures has been converted from svg to png and reduced)

sochotni pointed out that it actually does a similar job than rpmorphan, too bad, it was fun to do :-)