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Friday, April 11 2014

Presentations at FOSDEM and DevConf 2014

This year I attended both FOSDEM and DevConf and at both conference I was given the possibility to give a presentation.

At FOSDEM, together with the Debian developer Nicolas Dandrimont, we gave a presentation about fedmsg for both the Fedora and the Debian infrastructure.

At DevConf, I gave a presentation about Automation in the Fedora lan presenting all the tools available to our developers to help them do their best work.

Both presentations have been made available now :)

Friday, January 31 2014

Conferences & talks -- Part 1: FOSDEM 2014

February is always a busy month and this year will be no exception.

Later today I am leaving for Brussel to attend FOSDEM over the week-end, with as added bonus a presentation on Sunday.

The presentation will be about fedmsg and its ecosystem and one of the particularity of this talk is that it will be done together with Nicolas Dandrimont (his blog) who is a Debian developer.

Think about how awesome it is to have in the distribution track a talk about a technology and its possibilities given by two person from two different distributions.

I must say I am looking forward this presentation :-)

Monday, February 14 2011

Remember ?

There was laptop, hackers, beer. There was Fedora, LibreOffice, debian, perl. There was interesting talks, huge conferences, sleepy face.

There was Freedom.

It was FOSDEM:

Saturday, February 12 2011


Feedback on FOSDEM 2011

Retours sur le FOSDEM 2011

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Sunday, February 7 2010

Fosdem 2010 Day 2 (End)

Back on FOSDEM 2010

La fin du FOSDEM 2010

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Saturday, February 6 2010

Fosdem 2010 Day 1

Just arrived at FOSDEM

FOSDEM 2010, les premières impressions (anglais uniquement)

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Friday, February 5 2010

Fosdem 2010 Day 0

On the road to FOSDEM 2010

Sur la route du FOSDEM 2010

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Monday, January 26 2009


And I am really looking forward to be there :)

Sunday, February 24 2008

Fosdem J1

Some feed back from the FOSDEM

Quelques retours du FOSDEM

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