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Using the PACKAGES file from the CRAN I was able to generate a list of 670 packages that do not depend on anything else than R.

This morning I ran R2rpm on the first 100, it took around 3h and there are the results:

89 packages built
['ADGofTest', 'AMORE', 'AlgDesign', 'Animal', 'BGSIMD', 'BMN', 'BPHO', 'BayesValidate', 'Bhat', 'BiasedUrn', 'Biodem', 'Bolstad', 'Bolstad2', 'BootCL', 'CAVIAR', 'CCP', 'CDFt', 'CHsharp', 'CORElearn', 'CTT', 'ClinicalRobustPriors', 
'ComPairWise', 'CompetingRiskFrailty', 'ConvCalendar', 'CreditMetrics', 'CvM2SL1Test', 'CvM2SL2Test', 'DEA', 'DEMEtics', 'DEoptim', 'DTDA', 'DTK', 'Davies', 'Defaults', 'DiversitySampler', 'EMJumpDiffusion', 'EbayesThresh', 
'ElectroGraph', 'ExPD2D', 'FBN', 'FITSio', 'FKBL', 'FNN', 'Flury', 'GPArotation', 'GWRM', 'GeneF', 'GillespieSSA', 'HAPim', 'HI', 'HMM', 'HMR', 'ISOcodes', 'Imap', 'Iso', 'JADE', 'JudgeIt', 'Kendall', 'LDtests', 'LIStest', 'LearnBayes', 
'LearnEDA', 'LogitNet', 'LowRankQP', 'MAMSE', 'MCE', 'MKLE', 'MLDA', 'MLEcens', 'MMG', 'MMIX', 'MPV', 'MSVAR', 'MTSKNN', 'ModelGood', 'Multiclasstesting', 'NMFN', 'NORMT3', 'OPE', 'ORIClust', 'ORMDR', 'Oarray', 'OrdMonReg', 
'PBSddesolve', 'PLIS', 'POT', 'PSAgraphics', 'Peaks', 'PearsonICA']

11 packages failed
['BioStatR', 'BoSSA', 'BradleyTerry', 'BradleyTerry2', 'CPE', 'Cairo', 'FracSim', 'GDD', 'KFAS', 'MImix', 'OAIHarvester']

Damn this is good ! :-)