English version

There is a new version of R2spec in the pipes, this version fixes some bugs and introduces some new features. The main of these features is the presence of R2rpm now.

R2rpm generate the complete rpm directly from a url, the sources or simply the name of the package. It builds the package twice, once to determine the %file section and once to generate the RPM.

I fixed the length of the %description so that it is not bigger than the mandatory 75 characters, the summary is also corrected if it ends with a dot.

Tonight I have been playing with this new version, I was able to generate in the fly a bit more than 70 RPMs for R libraries in just few minutes (ok maybe it tooks a couple of hours :-)).

All the RPMs work, there are not rpmlint compliant so there would need more work if we want to integrate them into the repository but it is a good basis.

Something that I still want to do before to release officially the version 3.0.0 is the possibility to build the dependencies of a given package. Basically, this would allow to build RPM for one package and all the packages of which it depends.

For those who would like to test you can find the source, srpm and rpm in https://fedorahosted.org/releases/r/2/r2spec/ (latest release so far 3.0.0-0.4).

Do not hesitate to test it and report any issue you find in it :-)

Hope you like it !