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Few days ago (one week to be precise), I was presenting a small python script to generate dependency graph.

I was then pointed that, it is similar to rpmorphan, that it does not deal with Provides and that the story was anyway more complicated than what I was doing. So it was nice but unfinished business.

Yesterday, akurtakov asks me if I could have a look at

repoquery --tree-requires <package>

and see if I could make a dot file out of it.

So I gave it a shot and wrote generateDependencyList2.py. This script takes a folder with spec files or a given package name, runs repoquery --tree-requires <package> and parse the output to generate a SVG picture of the first level dependencies.

This was nice and looked nice until sochotni asked this morning if we could get the same picture but for the command:

repoquery --tree-whatrequires <package>

Of course, the script works in the same way, but it is kinda quick and dirty solution. So I decided that the best would actually to try to get this within repoquery.

After speaking with Seth I therefore wrote another small python script (package-graph.py) which I have submitted for comments on yum-devel. If this work out, we should be able to quickly and simply get the graph of packages depending / requiring the given package.

Feel free to test this new version and make RFE :-)

To use it:

  • Download the script from http://pingou.fedorapeople.org/package-graph.py
  • Put it in /usr/bin (it needs repoquery's code)
  • package-graph.py --package=foo > foo.dot
  • twopi -Tsvg -O foo.dot
  • eog foo.dot.svg