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Friday, December 8 2017

Introducing simple-koji-ci

simple-koji-ci is a small fedmsg-based service that just got deployed in the Fedora Infrastructure.

It aims at doing something really simple: for each pull-request opened in pagure on dist-git, kick off a scratch-build in koji and report the outcome of this build to the pull-request.

This way, when someone opens a pull-request against a package that you are maintaining you can quickly see if that change would build (at least at the time the pull-request was opened).

This service is currently really simple and straight forward, dumb in many ways and still missing some desired features such as: - kick off a new scratch build in the PR is rebased/updated - allow package maintainer to retrigger the build manually but it is a start and we will work on improving it :)


Happy packaging!

PS: live example

Friday, January 11 2013

Announcing fedocal 0.1.0 alpha

fedocal is a web-based calendar application for Fedora

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Wednesday, June 8 2011



Un client text pour pkgdb.

A command-line interface for pkgdb.

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