English version (no French)

With the help and advices from abadger1999 and akurtakov I have recently been working on pkgdb-cli, a command line version of the famous tool pkgdb.

The idea behind this tool is to allow you to do everything you do on pkgdb without having to use the website. Using it, you can therefore:

  • request ACL for a package
  • approve/deny ACL to someone's ACL request
  • orphan a package
  • check the ACL for a package
  • list the package for a user
  • list all the package in pkgdb
  • and some more :-)

The code is now in a decent shape, nothing fancy but it should work and for now what it needs is testers.

So if you have to request/approve/deny acl, if you want to see the list of packages owned by someone, if you what to check the ACL for your packages and if you feel like, feel free to test it.

And of course, if you run into bugs please report them !

PS: Also Thanks to Haikel for his help