This morning I update fedocal to its latest version: 0.4.2, this update brought quite a number of changes, among them:

  • New UI, closer to pkgdb2, nuancier and koji
  • Add location to meeting, so that #fedora-meeting should no longer be a calendar but a location
  • Improved list view
  • Improved window to add a meeting
  • Improved calendar view where the full day meetings are separated from the other meetings
  • Store the meeting in the specified timezone instead of UTC (allows to have a meeting at 2pm/14:00 Paris time all year long, despite of DST)
  • Enable viewing the agenda in another timezone
  • Enable browsing the dates without using the small monthly calendar

I took the opportunity to re-generate the database to make sure all the fields were in sync with the DB model planned. The data was then copied over from the old DB to the new one, which gave some stats about fedocal:

10 calendars added
18 reminders added
236 meetings added

Check it out!