Recently, while working on pkgdb2 I had a RFE for "dynamic" ownership.

The idea was to automatically change the owner based on who is actually working on the package.

With the change from "owner" to "point of contact" of a package, I thought that this might be an interesting idea. Of course in order to assess the feasibility and to investigate if it is really a good idea, we need some stats.

So I wrote a script that retrieves all the packages present in rawhide in Fedora. For each package it takes the last 100 actions (git commits, koji build and bodhi updates) and order the contributors from the most the least active. The script then checks the most active user versus the owner/point of contact of the package.

There is the output after running for 6h35:

14546 packages retrieved
14546 packages checked
85 packages w/ no package information
2877 packages w/ ausil as active point of contact
7132 packages won't change their point of contact
4451 packages will change of point of contact

I had to put appart ausil as he is the one doing the Mass-Rebuild and as such would become the point of contact of too many packages that have no other activity than Mass-Rebuild.

I still have the matrix of data available to extract more information about the distribution of the packages among the packager but I thought I would share this first.

What do you think?