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There we are, on the way back home.
These 2 days have been really nice, this event is attracting every year more and more people and covers more and more topics.

Today I have been able to attend 2 very interesting conferences. One from Richard Hughes on PackageKit one year after. It is a very good tool and the future of it, looks really nice. After that I stayed for the talk on 'Semantic Desktop' this being a technology that I have professionally interest in. The conferences covered a quick introduction to the basis of the semantic technology and format with a quick presentation of the RDF format, the second part was more applied to the implication of the semantic technology in the development of the 'Desktop Environment'. Unfortunately time was running I could not stay to this part.
I have to say that I would love to see more conference about this, but FOSDEM is probably not the best place for that. I should look for more semantic oriented conference.

Thanks to Max I am also carrying with me about 600 laptop stickers that the French NPO will be able to redistribute, thanks a lot Max !

Finally I would like to thanks all the people that made this FOSDEM such a good one, starting of course by the FOSDEM people and Frederic who organised the Fedora and JBoss participation this year again. Thanks to all the folks from Grece, Turkey, USA, The Netherlands (yes there were some, although not all were real Dutch), the German community present as ever, the French and Belgium guys who showed up but also our ambassadors from Switzerland, Hungary, Roumania, Italy (I am probably missing some, sorry about that).

I was nice to see all and I am already looking forward to see you next year.

PS: Nicu if you read this, since I could not pay you a beer today, let me know how to be sure you get one. I want the Fedora Comic back !! ;-)