It has been a while but it has been about as long that I wanted to write this blog post.

I would like to come back a little on Nuancier.

Nuancier was born during the last flock in Charleston. The idea was to create an application to simplify the process of submitting and voting on supplementary wallpapers.

Until now the process was rather complex and not really user friendly.

  • People upload their artwork onto the fedoraproject wiki
  • Artwork would be validated by the administrators of the process
  • From there we would set up an election in our classic election application
  • The community would vote on names (the current election application does not have support for voting on artwork) which meant, having the list of submissions open on another tab/browser and keep navigating from one to the other

Not quite a user friendly process.

Nuancier aims at solving this. However, between flock and the last supplementary wallpaper election time was short, thus it was decided that if we could not manage to have a full feature app in place in time, we could manage to have the voting part done and deployed.

Thus we created nuancier-lite which is deployed and was used for the last election.

Among the features:

  • Single page to vote where all the candidates are shown and you can just pick the one you like
  • After discussions on the devel mailing list, you may claim a badge for voting
  • Integration with fedmsg (election start/stop, results are published)

What I would like to do is come back on the results of these elections.

Anyone that had signed the CLA and was is more than one group could participate to this election.

The statistics of this election show that

  • 128 person participated
  • in average people voted on 12 wallpapers (16 was the maximum number of vote allowed)
  • 52% of the participants voted on 16 wallpapers
  • 68% of the participants voted on 10 or more wallpapers

And looking at the nuancier badge

  • 79 person claimed the badge (61% of the people who voted)

Seeing that there are more than 3000 person registered on badges, I must say I was expecting a higher participation but according to the people used to run this election it is already much higher than it used to. On the other hand, we probably missed some annoucements as it was not even announced on the design-team list, something we'll have to be careful to do next time.

But for nuancier, there is still some work to be done:

  • Add the capability for artists to upload their artwork via nuancier
  • Possibility to name and pick a valid FOSS license for each of their artworks they submit
  • Automatically check that the import is valid (type of file, size of the artwork...)
  • Add the possibility for admin to moderate/approve submission using nuancier directly
  • Interact with the design team to make the whole process as user friendly as possible

It is even a project for the Outreach Program for Woman 2013, so if you are interested, jump in!