Did you know?

You know copr right ? This tool to create easily your own yum repo building the RPMs in a new cloud instance everytime. It allows you to give access to nightly builds or a new version of a software backported from rawhide.

Well, if you have been playing with the development instance, know that in the sources there is a CLI tool!

Some example of what it can do if run directly from the sources:

$ python copr_cli/main.py -h
usage: copr-cli [-h] [--version] {create,list,build} ...

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --version            show program's version number and exit

    list               List all the copr of the provided
    create             Create a new copr
    build              Build packages to a specified copr

And a small demo:

$ python copr_cli/main.py list toshio
name                |description                                                                                           |repos |instructions
fas2                |RPMS for the Fedora Account System run in Fedora Infrastructure.                                      |      |
packagedb           |Package Database that manages ownership of packages for Fedora.  Includes both the client and server. |      |
flowhub             |flowhub adapts the gitflow workflow to github repositories                                            |      |
python-fedora-devel |                                                                                                      |      |

Some documentation on how to setup copr-cli is present in the README in the source