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Last week-end, in Lawrence, Kansas, the Fedora community held its North American FUDCon (Fedora User and Developers Conference).

I have had the chance to be able to go there.

I was great!!The organizing committee (including, Ian , Ruth and our dear FPL Robyn) did a grea job! A big big thanks to them.

On the friday I was able to:

  • Participate to the infrastructure session in the morning when we presented what we did over the last year and some of our plans
  • Attend the talk on fedup (the new upgrade tool from Will Woods
  • Give a lightning talk on fedocal, a web-based calendar application for Fedora
  • Give a presentation about micro-web framework and designing maintainable web application. I must say the audience was pretty small, but I think there were interested, maybe even convinced at the end. Yup, all three of them :-)
  • Attend the talk on Ansible
  • Attend the end of the talk on copr
  • Attend the talk on "Saving spins and Fedora Formulas"

At the end of the day, we had pizza in one of the big room of the hotel and I was able to discuss about future plans with different people from the infrastructure team, that was really a nice evening.

I spent the Saturday and the Sunday with the infrastructure team again, we have hacked on a number of things as reported by Kevin or Ralph.

Personnally, I have been working with Toshio on packagedb. We remove some of the older code that is no longer maintained and has been ported to our brand new packages application. This change will go live in ~2 weeks.

On the Sunday, I worked a little bit on copr trying to get the first steps into making an API and a CLI for it. It is still work in progress but some patches went through :-) I also tried to give a hand to Patrick who has been busy, although being in Europ, moving the OpenID server that we run within the project into its own container.

At the end, I think for me, what I enjoyed the most has been the meet all the guys from the infrastructure team with who I have been in contact for almost 18 months. I finally got to meet them and that was very nice.

So, Toshio, Seth, Kevin, Luke, Ralph, Aurélien, Tom, Ian, Ricky, Matt, Xavier, (and all the other that I have met and who participate in this great atmosphere of FUDCon) thanks a lot for the great time I've had, and I hope to see you again soon.

Like Ralph said, The Fedora community is full of some pretty awesome people.

Finally, I would like to thank the Fedora project and Bluehost for sponsoring my travel and thus allowing me to participate.