I have already presented what I have been busy with on the first day of the FUDCon EMEA 2012, now is time to present what happened on the other days.

Second day: Barcamp

On the second day we had the barcamp.

I attended a number of them

The Fedora User Experience talk from spot, great talk on how we should/could improve user experience in Fedora. There are a lot of ideas in the air and I am really looking forward to see them coming to life!

The I gave the barcam Cloud @ Infra, let's keep this one for now, I'll come back on it just below.

Then I followed the presentation from Kévin on the Fedora websites. He is doing a great job with it even if it seems to be messy sometime. If you're looking for a nice place to help Fedora, feel free to contact him!

Right after this talk, I have been able to see the end of spot and Ruth about the Raspberry Pi. I got one not so long ago and I am still starting to play with it but it is definitevely something fun to do.

I followed then the Kernel talk from Josh, very interesting even for someone like me who never really had to deal with the kernel (except for the traditionnal Graphic/Wifi bug). Josh already presented his talk and the consequences on his blog so I won't come back on it. Although I still have to ask him where I can get rawhide non-debug-activated kernel to test on my machine at work which gives me weird graphic glitches.

The last session of the day was with the ambassadors team, where we discussed a couple of subjects including mentors in EMEA and how to "filter" the list of ambassadors on the wiki to remove from it the ones which are now longer really active and that new comers might still try to contact without getting answers. One solution might be to simply check, while generating this list, if they have logged in using their FAS within the last 6, 9, 12 months or so. That would prevent from removing people from the group while still keeping a reasonnably up to date list of active ambassadors on the wiki (and bonus point: it easily allows people to come back!). That was one of the solution proposed but I am sure there will be some more discussions before the group agrees/settle down on one.

So that's pretty much it for the Sunday. Quite a busy day but also really really interesting!

Now let's go back on the barcamp I gave

Cloud @ Infra

So the idea of this talk was to see if we could come up with ideas on how we could use the cloud that we recently got in the Fedora infrastructure.

And we came up with some ideas :


  • The first one is an idea I have been working on for a couple of weeks now, use the cloud to run a Jenkins instance with build nodes on differents OS (Fedora or EL). Eventually we could even offer this as a service for project hosted on fedorahosted.org.
  • One other idea would be to use the cloud to be able to use a simple build environment giving developers/packagers a similar tool as the PPA on Ubuntu.
  • Of course the cloud could be use to provide testing VMs on different distros
  • The cloud could be use to build personnalize VMs images, and maybe with a nice GUI tool on the top
  • The QA guys could use the cloud for a testing environment
  • Finally, one idea which I really liked: using the cloud to run automatic/periodic FTBFS. We could use the cloud to rebuild every packages that at branching have not been built since the last branching. Some were even proposing, rebuild every three months, all the packages that have not been rebuilt in the mean time. I think this would be pretty nice and woul help tracking down packages that fail to build on a newer Fedora for X, Y or Z reason.

Third day: Hackfest

The last day of this FUDCon was dedicated to Hackfest. A number of them have been proposed,


I have been involved in:

And I also worked on a webapp, which I should present more thoroughly in a near future (suspens...).

This is the end of my report for the FUDCon 2012 EMEA in Paris. I had a great time and I would like to thank all of those who had the hard task to organize this event, especially Kévin who had the lead and did a large part of the work.

Next FUDCon, Lawrence, Kansas, US in January. I am already looking forward.