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Already next week-end (October 13th to 15th, 2012) is the FUDCon Paris. This will be my second FUDCon but this time I am somewhat involved in the organization.

In addition, I have also a lots of ideas on what we could do/work on. I will probably focus more on the infrastructure side, more specifically the applications bits of it.

First, I think I will propose a talk regarding the infrastructure, something along the lines of: "What, What for & For who?".

Trying to list and go through all the different apps, the old ones, the new ones, what they are for and what you can do with it.

Also, I will likely propose a couple of workshops, one will be regarding fedora-review and the other will be around the Fedora's webapp. I have some work in mind for elections and FAS that should be available to beginners as well as confirmed people.

Now, things can still change, is there any topic which you would like to see, have presented?

Regarding the hackfest, is there something one of you would like to work on?

If so, do let me know!