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Revelation is a very nice password management tool, I have been using it for a while and I quite like it.

However, you don't always want to have it on your computer but you would prefer to be able to query it through ssh or so. At least it is my case :-)

I therefore wrote a small CLI in python which relies on revelation's API to browse and retrieve password from a revelation database.

Show the content of the database:

$ ./revelationcli.py revelation.db --showtree
  | \_ test1
  | \_ test2
  | \_ folder1
  |   | \_ folder2
  |   |   | \_ test4
  |   |   | \_ test2
  |   | \_ test3

Show information about one password:

$ ./revelationcli.py revelation.db test4
  Name : test4
  Database : test

Show all the information about one password (included the password itself):

$ ./revelationcli.py revelation.db test4 --show
  Name : test4
  Password : HYoJx7W8
  Database : test

The project is for the moment at: http://project.pingoured.fr/revelationcli/

Let's see if it is interesting enough to make it more open :-)