English version

And there came the time again to release a new version of the tool R2spec.

For memories R2spec is a tool to help generating spec file for R libraries.

The changelog for the new version is available at the bottom.

French version

Et voici venu le temps de faire une nouvelle version de notre outil R2spec.

Pour mémoire R2spec est un outil pour aider à générer des fichiers spec pour les bibliothèques R.

Le changelog pour cette nouvelle version est disponible si dessous.

Version 2.5.3 -- 02nd Aug 2009
- Features added
  * Prints warning if summary is empty
  * Prints warning if description is empty
  * Add support for r-forge.net (option --rforge)
  * Add support for r-forge.r-project.org (option --rproject)
  * Add the prefix R- to the list of dependencies with a list of package to ignore (ie: R)
  * Add a default source0 and url if the bioconductor release is not set
- Bugs correction
  * Does not add the 'Requires:' to the spec if they are empty
  * Changes the '-' into '.' if the version of the R library contains any '-'