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Thursday, April 26 2012


English version

When someone new wants to join the community, often he/she does not know where to start. They are willing to learn and eager to help but they do not know where and how they can help.

easyfix aims at providing this information.

The idea is to have the developer/admin of projects hosted on fedorahosted marking tickets which they judge are easy to fix (ie: someone can come and fix the bug/request without a very deep understanding of the system). These tickets are then aggregating and presented in the easyfix page.

From this, it is easy to pick a ticket that looks interesting, contact the person in charge either by email or directly on the ticket and start helping :-)

Note: If you are maintaining/developing a project which is hosted on fedorahosted and would like to see your project added to this page, consult the wiki page it contains the information you need (and bug me if you do not understand them!).

Saturday, March 31 2012

Fedora - easyfix

English version

It is Sunday... Lazy Sunday... Your are home and beside doing the usual TV, couch and groceries, you are not doing much.

Suddenly, you get out of the couch and want to do something. But, hey, if you want to do something, why not doing something useful?

No, really, there is a bunch of projects outside which are only waiting for your help to improve and thus improve everyone's life.

I know, you are going to say, "but I'm don't know out to program/draw/translate/write documentation/package/<insert here what you like to do>". That's not the important thing, the important is that you are eager to learn!

Now, you say, "But I don't know where or how to start" and this is where the magic comes.

Sometime ago Ankur mentioned on his blog the use of the easyfix key word on the bugzilla. This is indeed a great resources and a great way to get started. But it covers only the bugzilla while there are many more projects on Fedora waiting for you.

Easyfix is a page agregating all kinds of easy tasks for all kinds of different project within Fedora. These tasks can be on the FAS, of the fedora infrastructure or any project hosted on Fedora Hosted.

This page is a door, a door to a new world.

How to use it ?

That's pretty simple.

Go there, find a task or a project that you would like to work on. Contact the person in charge either on the ticket, or by email or IRC and just get started ;-)

I know, you had planned to moan the grass today, but you'll see it feels rewarding to feel useful to the whole communty ;-)

PS: You have a project of yours on Fedora Hosted and you would like to be part of this project? That's an easyfix (;-)) just add yourself to the easyfix wiki page.