As you may know, Fedora is under-going a rather large change with Fedora.Next proposition/evolution. One of the point that Fedora.Next addresses is the loss of users observed in Fedora for few years.

The statistics page on the wiki as well as my own representation of the same numbers are both out-dated so we don't really have a clear view on this.

However, since October 2012, all the messages sent onto the fedmsg bus are being stored in datanommer. And that's information we can use to see how we're doing with regards to our contributors.

I asked and got a dump of the datanommer database (the data is anyway publicly accessible in datagrepper) and ran my traditional script on it to gather some numbers.

I generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis the graph of the number of (distinct) active contributors we have.

Here are the results :-)




Three interesting periods:

  • the period without any messages in March 2013 is the period where the bus was down and we did not realize it (since we have a nagios check for the bus)
  • on the daily graph you can really see the dip created by Christmas and its holidays
  • on the monthly graph, the pick in August 2013 coincides with Flock and the launch of badges!

Looking at the graph generated by this week in fedora, in December we launched COPR and it seems that the number of posts on the planet has also quite increased in December and January. Does this alone explain the bump we observe here?