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If you were at the last FUDCon in Paris you might have heard about it, or maybe when you read my blog post on the FUDCon Paris, I would like now to introduce you to this project I have been working on lately.

If you have ever struggled with:

If you ever desired to

If any of the previous case apply to you, then fedocal is worth looking at for you.

The idea of Fedocal is to provide a single place where we can set up/keep track of meetings, deadlines or events.

I am about to release the first draft of it. I have tried to test it as much as I could, tried to get into the corner cases but I'm sure I missed some so I am calling for testers to poke at it.

Check out the fedocal dev instance

Basically, you can already create, edit, delete meetings (you can only edit or delete meetings you are managing).

At the moment (in this development version), anyone can create a calendar, I intend to have this handled differently when we move to production.

Reminders should be working, as well as the handling of recursive meetings.

Note that I wrote some documentations that might help to get how its works.

Additionally, if you like to integrate the information from one of the calendar into another application, the fedocal API is there for you ;-).

So to sum up: