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Couple of months ago I had a week of courses to pass the Open Water Diver degree. During these dives we learned to ues diving computer and for my birthday (to come) I will receive my own.

After some time looking at price vs features I went for the Suunto Vyper.

Since it has a computer interface, today I started to look at the possibility to couple this small computer to my Fedora box.

I found several options:

  • JDiveLog a nice Java program with quite some options and seem to be quite complete.
  • Octopus log a java program which seems nice, but the last update is from 2009, so I am afraid this is not an option.
  • Aquapalm well this one is probably outdated and its target as well since it was developed for palm. Since I anyway do not have a palm, I can not even try it, so this is not an option either.

Then I ran into one of Linus Torvald's project: subsurface, a C++ program using the library libdivecomputer and offering a GTK interface

In order to test it, I packaged it and if you like to check it out here they are:

I tested them on Fedora 16 and they also build fine on Fedora 17 (didn't test the GTK interface there though).

To test it, you will want to recompile them, to do so, yum-builddep and rpmbuild --rebuild are your friends ;-)

As for having them in the official repos, I think they are still a little young, so I will wait a little before submitting them but I surely hope they will get there eventually.

The traditional screenshot (with data from Linus):

EDIT: I am told it works fine also on F17