English version

Guake 0.4.1 has been released, has been built and is pending for the testing repository. For reference, Guake is a top-down terminal in the same style than Tilda, Yakuake or the consol in the game quake. It is made for Gnome

Among the new feature we have quite a number of new locales available, the switch to Transifex really helped us on that ! A certain amount of bugs are also fixed in this release.

The new release is called: "I was just joking" (you'll have to go through the archive of the mailing-list to get that one ;-)).

I hope you will enjoy this new version

If you test it, don't forget to comment on bodhi ;-)

French version

Guake 0.4.1 est sorti, compilé et en attente pour le dépôt updates-testing. Pour rappel Guake est un terminal de type top-down qui s'affiche en haut de l'écran à la façon de Tilda, de Yakuake ou de la console de quake (le jeu ;-)), il est prévu pour Gnome.

Parmi les nouveautés on notera un plus grand nombre de traductions disponibles, le passage à Transifex nous ayant bien aidé pour ça. Un certain nombre de bogues sont aussi corrigés dans cette version

Cette nouvelle version est appelée "I was just joking" (il vous faudra aller dans les archives de la liste de diffusion pour la comprendre celle-la ;-) ).

J'espère que vous aimerez cette nouvelle version.

Pour les testeurs n'oubliez pas de mettre un mot sur bodhi ;-)

changes since 0.4.0:

Updated translation and new translation:

 * Italian
 * French
 * Portuguese/Brazilian
 * Novergian
 * German
 * Polish
 * Greek
 * Hungarian


 * Change start message #168
 * Add an option to the preference windows to create new tab in cwd #146
 * Preferences windows are resizable #149
 * Guake's windows not shown when ran for the first time #174
 * Implement dbus interface to script with guake #150, #138, #105, #126, #128, #109
 * Command line arguments implemented
   -n create a new tab
   -e execute a command on a defined tab
   -r rename a tab
   -t toggle visibility
 * Improve regex to use character classes (improve the support of certain locales) #156
 * Ask user if he really wants to quit when there is a child process #158
 * Double click on a tab allows you to rename the tab #165
 * Add more information on the INSTALL file 
 * Tray icon position fixed #161


 * Move from guake-terminal.org to guake.org
 * Set up a mailing-list at: http://lists.guake.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/guake